Hi. My name is Janet Miles and I’m a last minute runner. I’m a running novice, and this blog is all about my running experiences.

It all started in 2011, when I decided to do a charity fundraising challenge, that involved running 26.2 miles around London, and carolling at various locations en route.

Although I started to think about doing this challenge at the start of the year, I spent many a successful month avoiding the reality of what doing this would actually mean.

But during the summer, I had a ‘rabbit caught in the headlights’ moment, when it occurred to me that December was fast approaching. If I was going to run 26 miles without dying, I should stop prevaricating and start to do some training – quickly!

Until this point, I had only ever run short distances, in a very hit and miss, irregular, depends-on-the-weather kind of way. I like running, and enjoy it as a form of fitness, but had not pursued it with a persistency and consistency that surviving a staggered 26 miles was going to need.

Clearly that had to change.

For the sake of the cause, my limbs, my muscles and my pride, I had to get off my bottom and on to my feet!

This blog tracks my running adventures since then and lessons learnt en route.

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