Bakers Dozen Run

by Janet on October 12, 2011

Last Saturday, my rough and ready, back-of-an-envelope training plan said ’12 miles’. All week, I kept looking at my bad handwriting and pondered that this distance that had taken a split second to write down, was going to take significantly longer to run.

This realisation was cemented further, when I arrived at Richmond Park to do my run last Saturday morning. As I got out of the car and started to do my pre-run faff (fiddling with socks, getting water bottle, and stuffing my car keys in my pants), I was painfully aware that despite my preparations, I had forgotten to bring my iPod.

Disaster! What a sinking feeling! 12 miles, without music is a disheartening prospect indeed. Especially in Richmond Park, where most weeks, I get lapped several times over by lots of other very serious, non-last minute, fit ‘n fast runners. Man, I need all the distraction I can get!

Still – all runners have to overcome set backs (apparently) – and luckily, I suddenly remembered that I had my iPhone in the car. Thankfully it happened to have a couple of random podcasts that I could listen to. It also occurred to me that I could use a distance tracker App to measure my distance too. Phew – 12 miles suddenly became a little more palatable.

So, off I plodded. Both ears plugged in, one eye on the road and one eye on my distance tracker. After lots of steady running (and lots of being over taken by irritating fit people aged 80), I am pleased to say that I made it round the full 12, and without stopping (yay!).

In fact, because I had my distance tracker, I actually ended up doing an extra mile to make it up to a bakers dozen mileage. It almost killed me, but I just kept thinking that it would have me very grumpy for the rest of the weekend if I had not made it up to a half marathon.

Still – as soon as the distance tracker said ’13’ I stopped immediately and the next day, my knees had a grump of their own.

How on earth will I manage 26?!

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