From London to Luton

by Janet on November 6, 2012

Ok – so it’s been a while since my last post, but at least the running has continued. Am now just 2 weeks away from my next running challenge, which is going to be my first ever marathon distance – this time, without the London carolling stops in between.

The marathon is a 3 loop route around Luton and I went up there last Saturday to do a bit of a recce of where the race starts and what it’s like. After driving around the route twice, I also ran around it once (wishing all the time that I was still in the car!). However, the run-round was immensely helpful, as I now know what’s in store and can visualise where I’ll be going on the day so much better.

The route is fairly good, but must admit I could do without the hill in the middle and a run along a main road (the race organisers have advised that they aren’t closing the roads). With that in mind, I have purchased myself a high-vis running top, so I will now probably look more like Bob the Builder or a member of the Village People, than a runner?!

Am feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing – but also excited. I spoke with someone from the race committee the other day on the phone and they said that the race is a really friendly and supportive atmosphere, so that was really encouraging.

Naturally, as a true last minute runner, I am already stressing out about whether the training I have done is enough. I think the simple answer is no, probably not. But I’m going to give it a go anyway and hope for the best. I sense a few last minute training runs coming my way!

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