Mo Marathon Motivation

by Janet on November 17, 2012

Tomorrow is my first ever marathon attempt. I’ll be attempting the Luton 3-loop marathon. I’m feeling pretty nervous and excited and have spent the day eating A LOT of pasta. Soon, I’ll look like one of Les Dawson’s ‘Roly Polies’ (if you’re old enough to remember who they were).

What better then, to get a bit of pre-race motivation whilst out in Teddington today? Having gone there to purchase more coffee beans for my coffee freak husband from his fav near-to-local store, we came across an Olympic gold post box, painted in honour of Mo Farah’s medalling triumphs this summer.

The box is in front of ‘Fara’ the charity shop (note the cunning cool placement of ‘Mo’ on the shop sign), so Zoe and I couldn’t resist having a quick snap there. OK – so I’m a long way off Mo Farah standards – and then some – but here’s hoping a bit of the gold rubs off on me and at least gets me round the course (x 3!).






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