The encouragement of others goes a long way

by Janet on November 26, 2012

I was thinking this morning about what power there is in the encouragement of others. Having run Luton the other week, I was really touched by the encouragement and support I received from friends and family and also some fellow runners and marshalls around the route.

One of my friends bought me Jelly Babies a couple of days before, some other seasoned marathoner friends in New York and Manchester gave me good marathon tips and advice via my Facebook page, my parents sent some flowers to say well done and after I’d crossed over the line, I met the lovely man below (Jagjit Singh Batth) who has run 70+ marathons. He gave me some great encouragement at around mile 24 to keep going and a big pat on the back when I finally crossed the line and collapsed! See his blog.

No matter how large or small, kind gestures and things we can say can have a huge impact on others. I really appreciate all the kindness I experienced in recent days.

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